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Hello World!

I'm a leveldesigner by trade.

But I have had multiple titles during my career;

  • Scripter

  • World Designer

  • Game Designer

  • Level Designer

  • Lead Level Designer

  • Level Design Educator

I have a university degree in computer science and mathematics. It was a while ago and I can not call myself a coder, but it helps me stand on a solid foundation and to understand the complexity of game making on a more holistic perspective.

I've helped in the releasing of a couple of big-budget games that I'm really proud of and I have been a part of a lot of productions that got canned before they got the chance to be announced, A few of them really cool.

I have also worked as a game designer in the casino industry, designing slot machine experiences, having seen the "inside" of that industry I can safely say that it is the dark side of "entertainment"...


But from a pure experience perspective I came out stronger and wiser.

I'm a teacher and mentor in level design and I have realized that everyone should try to teach during their career, It is an awesome journey in not only following the progression of the student, but also reflecting and massively improving on your own skills!

My top two advice:

  • Stay Positive

  • Be Curious

If you try to have a positive mindset, then other people will be more positive towards you and it feeds a positive spiral. Happy people tend to be more open to suggestions and feedback, better at managing their own work and a friendlier work/life culture breeds better games in the end.

Staying Curious is paramount in this ever-changing industry where new tech is born as fast as mushrooms in a wet forest. But it is also about being curios towards new design-inputs and not being too set in your own ideas. Constantly trying to zoom out and looking at the bigger picture. 

Best Regards

Tommy Norberg

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